Created to Empower You!

BlaCk OWned Outerwear was created by Means Cameron in Cincinnati, OH, 2011. The Brand is a creation inspired by both Cameron’s Upbringing in ‘The Hood’ of Cincinnati, and his collegiate experience at a predominantly White University. Though at two different ends of the spectrum, Cameron discovered that BlaCkOWned™️ energy is needed in all communities across America. Our Brand thrives at the intersection of Fashion and BlaCk Excellence. Our Mission is to promote BlaCk Ownership, while challenging societal inequities through our garments and storytelling.

BO™️ was created as representation that Ownership is an option for Us. BlaCkOWned™️ is also a reminder that in order to grow our communities, we need to be dedicated to them physically and monetarily. Just as movies have soundtracks to complement the scene, our garments are complementary to the times and the fight of BlaCk People for equal rights and opportunity. The BlaCkOWned™️ Lifestyle transcends Fashion. We hope to spark Brilliance in all people, that will result in healthier communities for people of all colors. We believe that a Great America includes thriving BlaCk communities.

For most Brands, the design is the main point and everything else follows. For our Brand, The Brand Name is the main idea and as a result every garment tells the same story, but in a unique way. Wear your BlaCkOWned™️ pieces often, and wear them with confidence because you will empower someone else, the way that we hope we have empowered you.

-BlaCkOWned: Resilient, created or owned by people of color (BLACK).